Monday, June 25, 2007

Pride Toronto 2007 Weekend

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I didn't go to Pride. Not that I don't support gay rights but I hate crowds and heat and I'm not so keen on parades. Toronto pride is huge, it's the sort of thing where you have to go pretty early to get a good view of the parade and there's lots of arguing over who had this spot first and you stepped on my foot and stuff like that. At least there was the one time I tried to go.

But I kind of enjoy it from a distance, walking up Queen Street on Friday afternoon I saw tons of gay couples and when walking around the city on Saturday we saw the dregs of the festivities, festively dressed worn out people probably heading to their hotel rooms to recuperate from the parade so they can go out and party.

Here are more photos , video and coverage in general of Toronto Gay Pride 2007

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The photo I used above for this entry is from here.

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A lot of these links are from BlogTO. They did a great job on Pride coverage.

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