Friday, June 29, 2007

Garden at the top of the Royal York Hotel

We went to a centennial tea - it's the 100th anniversary of the Fairmont hotel chain, and they had a special tea for $19.07.

The tea itself was not great - sandwiches were a bit stale, the pastries were nothing special except the chocolate mousse cake, the crumpets tasted like the ones you get at the grocery store. Most annoyingly, they serve 8 tiny sandwiches for the three of us - kind of hard to divide up. Parties of two got three sandwiches each, but we were assured that it was standard procedure to give 8 sandwiches for parties of three. So you are penalized for having a larger party? Weird. These are tiny, tiny sandwiches on about a quarter piece of bread.

If you are thinking of going to tea at the Royal York, make sure to read this review first. (clue, if you must go, only go in pairs!)

Centennial Tea at the Royal York in Toronto

As part of the tea you get a tour of the herb gardens on top of the hotel. They are not open to the general public. This was the part that I liked best.

Rooftop Herb Garden at Royal York Hotel

The gardens were impressive, but mostly I just enjoyed being up there and the view.

Rooftop Herb Garden at Royal York Hotel

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Anonymous said...

Afternoon/high tea/low tea....this has got to be the biggest rip-off re: eating out.

I try to avoid this way of eating out...yes, it's elegant, etc...but paying $20 or actually now closer to $40 a person for a bit of tea plus a couple of mediocre sandwiches and pastries is just fraud...highway robbery. Go find a nice patio set back from traffic and get a pre-fix meal. Dining out is expensive in Toronto -- that 8% provincial tax makes a huge difference to the bill...

For a great lunch in culinary challenged Toronto -- try The 5th Element -- mild fusion Indian -- new restaurant, fabulous pre-fixe (3 course)lunch $19 plus tax and tip and beverage unless you stick with ice water which is entirely acceptable...on Bay Street and just past St. Joseph Street in uptown Toronto, just north of Downtown in the Bay-Wellesley area...brand new restaurant. Fabulous patio on sidewalk level, but set back from the automobile and foot traffic...there's a "pool" in front. Chef hails from New York.