Saturday, May 01, 2010

Edwards Gardens, Toronto

Edwards Gardens, Toronto, originally uploaded by mtlicq.

European settlement began in this area shortly after the War of 1812. Alexander Milne, a Scottish weaver, arrived here with his family in 1817. Milne's farm and mill operation prospered for over a century, expanding to 240 hectares in size. For many years, the watercourse passing through this park was known as Milne Creek.
In 1944, Rupert E Edwards, proprietor of Canada Varnish, Ltd, purchased the original 11 hectare Milne Homestead. Over the last 12 years Mr. Edwards Introduced many landscape features into the garden including a large rockery, ponds, rustic bridges, flower beds, and a 9-hole golf course.
Mr Edwards vision was to see the gardens become a public park. Accordingly, in 1955 Metropolitan Toronto purchased the property and since then, has maintained the beauty and original character of this unique landscape.

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