Monday, April 07, 2008

Toronto: Cherry Blossoms in High Park

These usually bloom the first few weeks in May. They don't last very long, there's only a week or so where they are in the full bloom stage. Last year I went a little late and the petals were blowing off the trees like snow.

If you go on the weekend it's hard to take shots that don't have other photographers in them!

Best time to go is at daybreak, it's uncrowded and the light is usually beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I just googled "cherry blossoms in high park" and your blog post appeared, and I was just wondering when to go to High Park and get some pictures of this beatiful scenery and have some family photos as well. I guess it'll be in early May or late April, eh? And yes, the morning sunshine would look gorgeous in pictures. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I also arrived here via google. In case anyone is wondering, the trees are starting to blossom now and they should be at their peak this weekend!