Monday, January 28, 2008

Old Mill Toronto 1920's

Old Mill Toronto 1920's, originally uploaded by Rally guy.

Vintage photo


SaintJamesInfirmary said...

Hey, I grew up (in the 70s) in the Old Mill area where this was taken. But cannot for the life of me remember exactly where this is. I have a general sense....but...well, yeah.

Any idea of how to find it?

SaintJamesInfirmary said...


Any help would be appreciated. As i'd like to do a before/after photo of this building.


Anonymous said...

I`m not sure, but I think the old mill was River and Gerrard St. If it was it was torn down long ago.

Anonymous said...

The Old Mill has been renovated into a boutique inn - The Old Mill Inn & Spa - 21 Old Mill Road. You can get to it by Old Mill Subway Station or driving west on Bloor past the South Kingsway & Then turning north to the Mill. Hope this helps!